Improving Michigan's educational systems is among my highest priorities when I head to Lansing. In order to regain our standing as an economic power and a leader in innovation we need to be on the cutting edge of education, to make sure our next generation is ready to take on this challenge, and that takes investing in them from Pre-K through graduation. 

Economic Security

Hardworking Michigan families deserve to have a sense of security from all their hard work, however with the unions being weakened, jobs being outsourced and turned towards automation the long term security for workers is in doubt. I want to repeal 'right to work' legislation to enable the unions to have the power to fight for their workers again, as well as implement a guaranteed jobs program to give anyone who seeks employment in this state a job. 

Health Care

I vow to fight any attempts to weaken the ACA, or to cut Medicare/Medicaid coverage. I believe it is in the best interest of Michigan to ensure our citizens have affordable access to health care, and in pursuing that objective I want to push for a Medicare for All style plan that insures every Michigander is covered and can afford their medical expenses. 

Politics and Government

There are many problems going on across the state, some of the most egregious include the lack of transparency in our legislature, partisan gerrymandering, and attempts at voter suppression. I promise that I will fight any effort to disenfranchise any citizen, and give everyone an equal voice.